Does Fat Freezing Actually Work?

Let’s face it. Sometimes despite all the diet and exercise, there are some stubborn pockets of fat that we just can’t seem to shift. Fortunately, there are solutions that don’t require expensive and painful surgeries. Known as many different terms like Cryolipolysis and non-surgical lipo, Fat Freezing is an A-lister loved treatment for destroying up to 25% of fat cells whilst you catch up on your favourite show or podcast! Here are the facts.

What is Fat Freezing?

Fat Freezing uses a method called Cryolipolysis to get rid of stubborn fat bulges in treatment areas like the stomach, arms, back, flanks, thighs and even chin.

Using controlled, freezing temperatures (we’re talking -10ºC), our Fat Freezing technology targets your unwanted fat and crystalises the fat cells to the point of destruction. This destruction occurs over a 6 to 12-week period as your remaining fat cells condense and the layer of fat within that area is ultimately reduced. Once those fat cells are destroyed, they cannot return.

What is the Fat Freezing process?

The Fat Freezing process is so simple that often, patients will bring their phone or tablet with them to catch up on Netflix or their favourite podcast. Following your consultation, your treatment area will be measured and prepared for treatment.

Our Fat Freezing applicator is applied to your area of concern where you’ll experience a vacuum-like suction and those chilling temperatures that make this body contouring magic happen. Shortly after, your treatment area will feel numb and you’re free to press play and relax.

The Fat Freezing treatment takes around 45-minutes to one hour depending on the area being treated. During this hour, the freezing temperatures are targeting the unwanted fat cells and kickstarting the crystallisation process. With every treatment, more fat cells are addressed and shifted.

Following your treatment, you discover the best part of non-surgical treatments like Fat Freezing - there’s no downtime! Whilst your treatment area will feel cold and potentially tender, you’re free to get on with your daily activities.

Is Fat Freezing a weight loss treatment?

We wish Fat Freezing was the solution to exercise-free weight loss but no, this treatment should not be considered a weight loss solution. Instead, Fat Freezing treatments should be considered a helping hand that is part of your healthy lifestyle.

The ideal candidate for a Fat Freezing treatment is already embracing regular exercise and a healthy diet but needs extra support shifting fat in stubborn areas.

Why The FAB Clinic for Fat Freezing treatments?

Our Williams Landing clinic is a leader in results-driven and holistic body contouring treatments. Harnessing industry-leading Cryolipolysis technology, we’re able to use

four Fat Freezing applicators at the same time which means you’re able to enjoy 4 times the fat freezing in the same amount of time!

We know that incredible skin and body transformations don’t just happen in the treatment room so during your personalised consultation, our nurses will recommend a custom treatment plan and homecare guide to achieve your desired results.

Our body contouring results aren’t limited to Fat Freezing either. Working with your individual body contouring goals, we’re able to match you with a treatment plan that may combine our Fat Cavitation and Cellulite Treatment technologies.

With bespoke body contouring packages available with Afterpay, now is the time to achieve your dream body goals with The FAB Clinic’s non-surgical solutions.

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